Why An Islamic Education

Islamic education is a major part of CVA’s life. This is manifested in the academic classes taught, the school calendar, character education program and extra-curricular activities.

The Islamic education classes comprise about 40% of the weekly instructional time for all students. Islamic education is divided into three components: Quran reading and memorization, Islamic Studies and Arabic language.  Quran memorization and tajweed recitation is emphasized. Islamic Studies curriculum consists of three major parts: Beliefs and rituals of Muslims, Islamic History, and morals and manners. The Arabic language is taught in all grades using texts designed for foreign language acquisition. Students in grades 2-8 are divided into two levels according to their linguistic background and readiness level.

In support of the Islamic Studies curriculum, our school calendar is designed to incorporate major holidays celebrated in the United States as well as major Islamic events.  Students in Grades 3rd to tenth attend a Friday congregational prayer in the adjacent Musala. Students visit the Musala on a daily basis, to offer the mid-afternoon group prayer. Teachers and administrators attend the prayer with the students and instruct them on proper manners of being in the mosque and observing group prayer. All the above activities help the students to learn Islamic teachings and practice them in real life situations.

Tarbiyah or character education is infused with Islamic Studies lessons and school-wide event planning. Tarbiyah objectives include helping students connect beliefs with practice, providing opportunities for experiential learning, introducing topics in age-specific ways, and recognizing the social-emotional needs of Muslim American children.

School assemblies give students the opportunity to perform Islamic songs and skits in front of their peers and helps build a strong Muslim identity. In addition, Eid Celebrations (for the two major Islamic holidays) are designed to celebrate Muslim holidays and reinforce the students’ sense of Muslim identity.

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