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CVA in the Spotlight

Academic Prowess

Our commitment to academic excellence is reflected in the impressive SAT scores our students achieve, with an average score of 1200. We believe in challenging our students to reach their highest potential, preparing them not only for the challenges of higher education but for success in all their future endeavors.

Path to Success: 100% High School Graduation and University Acceptance

At Crescent View Academy, success is not just a goal; it’s an expectation. We take pride in our 100% high school graduation rate, a testament to the dedication of our students and the guidance of our exceptional faculty. Furthermore, every graduate is equipped with the skills and knowledge to gain acceptance into universities, paving the way for a future filled with limitless possibilities.

Dedicated Team of Professionals

Behind the success of Crescent View Academy is a team of over 80 dedicated and passionate educators and staff members. Each one plays a crucial role in creating an environment where students thrive academically and personally.

Thriving Student Community

Our student body, comprising 620 individuals, forms a vibrant community that celebrates diversity, fosters inclusivity, and embraces the pursuit of knowledge. We believe in providing an environment where students feel inspired, supported, and encouraged to explore their potential.

Join the Crescent View Success Story

Whether you are a prospective student, parent, or educator, Crescent View Academy welcomes you to be a part of our success story. Explore the possibilities, discover the excellence, and join a community dedicated to shaping the leaders of tomorrow.