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Current Student Re-Enrollment

Crescent View Academy uses the Gradelink EnrollMe™ feature for re-enrollment of current students and enrollment of new students.  EnrollMe™ is a premium service that streamlines enrollment using the parent portal.  New and re-enrolling families can add or update contact information and agree to the school’s terms and conditions online.  Gradelink Enrollme™ is a part of your portal when you sign in to your Gradelink™ account. 

How does it work? Enrollme is a feature of Gradelink that allows for online paperless enrollment. When you log into your Gradelink account the EnrollMe tab will automatically pop up until you submit your re-enrollment.  You will need to complete the modules and at the end, you will be prompted to pay.

How do I enroll my child who is not yet a student?  When you are done enrolling your current student, if you look at the top of the screen you will see a link for adding a new child. Please follow the directions. You will need to use the same login and password information for your other children.

How do I pay? Gradelink is partnered with PaySimple which will process your payment. It is a secure payment application.  Currently, you can pay using a major credit card.  In a few days, the ACH/Check payment option will be available.

How will I know the status of my application? Gradelink has an automated system that will inform you via email the status of the application.  There are auto-generated messages that you will receive as soon as your application has started, submitted, in-process, pending, canceled or approved.  You will need to check your email for status updates.

How will I receive other information not in Enrollme, like the annual calendar, uniform guidelines, and school materials?  Inshallah, this will all be available on the website, however, the school administration will still mail home the summer welcome packets.

Where can I re-enroll or register my child?  You can complete the re-enrollment from any location using a tablet or computer.  You will need an internet connection to log into Gradelink.    If you need assistance, please schedule a time with the front office and an administrator will be available to assist you.

What happens if I don’t re-enroll my child before March 20?  This would be an unfortunate situation; your child’s seat will no longer be guaranteed and will be offered to a new student.  Currently, there are about 175 students who are interested in new enrollment at CVA.  Typically, CVA retains 95% of its student population.  We encourage you to complete the process before the deadline.

Is the registration fee refundable? No, it is not.

The re-enrollment window for returning students is: March 8-March 20

Again, we are more than honored by your continued interest in our school program. We ask Allah (SWT) to make the upcoming year a success for our school community at large.

For more information regarding re-enrollment, please contact Mrs. Annum Malik at or (303)745-2245 ext. 102.