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Crescent View Academy continues to set a commendable standard for a well-rounded and enriching educational experience by offering an extensive array of after-school and extracurricular activities. The school’s commitment to fostering personal growth, skill development, and building a vibrant school community is evident in the diverse range of options available to students. Here is a detailed overview, with an exciting addition:

1. Basketball: Providing students with opportunities to engage in team sports, promoting physical fitness and teamwork.

2. Volleyball: Offering a platform for students to participate in a popular team sport, fostering collaboration and sportsmanship.

3. Soccer: Allowing students to explore their passion for soccer, promoting physical activity and teamwork

Crescent View Academy’s holistic educational approach is reflected in its diverse selection of clubs and activities, demonstrating a commitment to the overall development of its students. The vibrant school environment encourages students to explore their interests, develop new skills, and foster a sense of community and collaboration.