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Enrollment Process

Enrollment at Crescent View Academy: Prioritizing Excellence, Inclusivity, and Affordability

At Crescent View Academy, our commitment to providing an exceptional education extends to ensuring accessibility for all families. We understand that financial considerations may pose challenges, and we are dedicated to supporting our community through various means.

Enrollment Priority

  1. First Priority: Returning Students Returning students hold a special place in our community, and their continuity is a testament to our commitment to their growth and development.
  2. Second Priority: Siblings and Staff Children We value the importance of family and the contributions of our dedicated staff. Siblings and children of our staff members receive the second priority during the enrollment process.
  3. Third Priority: New Students Welcoming new students is an integral part of our commitment to growth and diversity. New students bring fresh perspectives and energy to our community.

Entrance Exam for KG-12th Grade Students

To ensure that each student is placed in the most suitable academic environment, we conduct entrance exams for all students from Kindergarten to 12th grade. This helps us tailor our educational approach to meet the individual needs of each student.

Enrollment Fee and Economical Tuition

  • Enrollment Fee: To secure a place at Crescent View Academy, there is a nominal enrollment fee of $410.00. This fee contributes to the administrative processes associated with enrollment and ensures a smooth transition for each student.
  • Tuition Options: Our tuition is designed to accommodate diverse financial situations. Families have the flexibility to pay tuition annually or opt for monthly payments. We understand the importance of flexibility in meeting the unique needs of our community.
  • Financial Hardship Application: We recognize that some families may face financial challenges. To support those who struggle with full tuition payments, Crescent View Academy offers a financial hardship application. This application is designed to assist families in need, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder a student’s access to quality education.
  • Tuition Scale: For detailed information on our tuition scale, please refer to the provided documentation or contact our Admissions Office. We believe in transparency and are committed to providing families with a clear understanding of the financial aspects of their child’s education.