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Mr. Iyad Wazwaz

Mr. Iyad Wazwaz


As the Principal of CVA, Mr. Wazwaz brings with him not only a wealth of administrative experience but also a deep appreciation for students' cognitive and social-emotional development. Having been a former classroom teacher, he understands the importance of fostering an environment that nurtures both academic and personal growth. One of Mr. Wazwaz's key priorities is to support teachers in their collaborative efforts, recognizing that a united and motivated teaching staff is essential for preparing students for success in the best high schools and universities. His leadership style reflects a commitment to creating an educational community that values both excellence and inclusivity.

Mr. Iyad Wazwaz stands at the helm of Crescent View Academy, steering the institution toward continued success and ensuring that it remains a beacon of quality education in Colorado. His extensive experience, passion for student development, and dedication to fostering a collaborative learning environment make him an invaluable asset to the CVA community.

Ms. Mariam Sabr

Ms. Mariam Sabr

Director of Elementary and Student Success

Ms. Mariam Sabr is a native of Aurora, CO, whose unique journey has enriched her perspectives and linguistic abilities. Returning to her hometown in 2010 after spending over 20 years in Saudi Arabia, Mrs. Sabr brings a wealth of experiences that transcend borders and cultures.

With over a decade of educational experience, Ms. Mariam Sabr wears multiple hats at Crescent View Academy. In addition to her primary role as the Director of Elementary and Student Success, she actively engages with students by teaching secondary Islamic Studies classes. This multifaceted role allows her to contribute significantly to both the academic and personal development of the students at CVA.

Ms. Khadija Eltrapolsi

Ms. Khadija Eltrapolsi

Director of Middle and High School

Ms. Khadija Eltrapolsi is a proud returning alumna of Crescent View Academy (CVA) with a passion for education that spans over nine years. Ms. Khadija's journey at CVA began as a student, where she spent her formative years from kindergarten to eighth grade. Throughout her time at the academy, Khadija not only gained valuable knowledge but also became an integral part of the Colorado Muslim community.

Ms. Khadija's commitment to education led her to the University of Colorado Denver, where she earned her bachelor's degree in English, coupled with a teaching license. Building on this foundation, she pursued higher education and achieved her master's from Arizona State University. Undeterred by challenges, Ms. Khadija is currently on a journey to obtain her principal's license, a testament to her unwavering dedication to advancing her skills in educational leadership.

Imam Shemsadeen Ben-Masaud

Imam Shemsadeen Ben-Masaud

Director of Student Affairs and Community Engagement

After obtaining his Business Administration degree from the University of Colorado, Imam ShemsAdeen embarked on a transformative journey abroad. During this time, he earned a second degree in Islamic Jurisprudence and Foundation Sciences, enriching his understanding of Islamic principles and practices.

As the Director of Student Affairs and Community Engagement, Imam ShemsAdeen plays a pivotal role in creating a supportive and inclusive environment for students. His dedication to integrating technology and effective communication ensures that Crescent View Academy continues to thrive in providing a holistic education that combines both Islamic teachings and academic excellence.

Mr. Anwar Zuraigat

Mr. Anwar Zuraigat

Director of Business and Development

Mr. Anwar Zuraigat is the dedicated Director of Business and Development at Crescent View Academy. With a wealth of experience in management spanning 20 years, Mr. Zuraigat has played a crucial role in the growth and success of various enterprises since his emigration from Jordan in 2002.

In his current position at Crescent View Academy, Mr. Zuraigat utilizes his extensive management experience to serve as the Director of Business and Development. His skills in financial management and organizational oversight are invaluable as he ensures the smooth functioning of the school's operations. From handling financial matters to keeping the organization up-to-date with essential requirements, Mr. Zuraigat plays a pivotal role in sustaining the school's mission and vision.

Mr. Mohamed E. Ndioubnane

Director of IT and Security

Mr. Mohamed is a dynamic and accomplished professional, currently serving as the Director of IT and Security at Crescent View Academy (CVA) since 2019. In addition to his administrative responsibilities, he actively contributes to the academic programs by teaching Robotics and AP Computer Principles in the high school program. His commitment to education extends to enjoying the company of youth, fostering a positive and engaging learning environment.

With over 5 years of experience as an IT Help Desk technician, Mr. Mohamed brings a wealth of technical expertise to his role. He is well-versed in a wide range of technologies, playing a pivotal role in diagnosing and resolving hardware and software issues. His commitment to delivering quality solutions aligns seamlessly with the business objectives of CVA.

Mr. Khyber Rakeen Rakeen

Facility Manager

Khyber Rakeen, the Facilities Manager at Crescent View Academy, a professional who brings a unique blend of organizational skills and adaptability to enhance the daily operations of the institution. His journey, spanning from Kabul, Afghanistan, to the vibrant community of Aurora, Colorado, is a testament to his diverse background and global perspective.

In 2013, Khyber graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and Management, showcasing his dedication to academic achievement and personal growth. His educational background has been a solid foundation for his role at Crescent View Academy, where he leverages his skills honed during his tenure at the Auraria Higher Education Center.

Mrs. Monia Tazi

Mrs. Monia Tazi

Front Office Manager

Mrs. Monia Tazi is a dedicated and longstanding member of the Crescent View Academy (CVA) community, whose journey with the school began as a parent over 20 years ago. Mrs. Tazi's commitment to the school has been unwavering, and her active involvement in the Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) showcases her dedication to the school's mission.

Having been an active PTO member for many years, Mrs. Tazi has not only contributed to the school as a parent but has also played vital roles as both a short-term and long-term substitute. Her willingness to step into various roles and her steadfast support of the school community highlight her deep connection and commitment to the CVA family.

Mrs. Annum Malik

Mrs. Annum Malik

School Registrar

Mrs. Annum Malik is a dynamic and versatile professional who has played a pivotal role in shaping the vibrant atmosphere at Crescent View Academy (CVA). Joining the CVA community in August 2018, Mrs. Annum initially served as the Front Office Assistant and the Teacher's Assistant for the 4th grade. Over time, she has transitioned into the role of the School’s Registrar, bringing her wealth of experience and diverse skill set to this vital position.

Crescent View Academy continues to benefit from Mrs. Annum Malik's dedication and proficiency as the School’s Registrar. Her collaborative spirit and ability to support both administrative functions and classroom activities make her an invaluable asset to the school. As the registrar, Mrs. Annum plays a key role in maintaining essential records and fostering a positive and supportive atmosphere for students, teachers, and the broader school community.

Mrs. Sayohat Khojaeva

Front office Assistant

Mrs. Sayohat Khojaeva is the Front Office Assistant for Building 1 at Crescent View Academy. A graduate of law school, Mrs. Khojaeva embarked on a dynamic professional journey that reflects her diverse skills and experiences.

Subsequently, she took on the position of a safety hiring specialist in a transportation company, demonstrating her adaptability to different roles and industries. Her experiences in project management and safety hiring equipped her with valuable skills that she now brings to Crescent View Academy.

Mrs. Cheyenne McAllister

Business Office Assistant

Mrs. Cheyenne McAllister is a dedicated and versatile professional with a diverse background in business, public service, and a strong connection to her cultural heritage. Mrs. McAllister graduated from the University of Colorado at Denver with a Bachelor of Science in Human Resources and Business Management.

Mrs. Cheyenne McAllister's diverse experiences in business, public service, and her personal and cultural journey have shaped her unique perspective and skills. This rich background enables her to contribute effectively both professionally and personally to the Crescent View Academy community, fostering an environment of understanding, diversity, and community engagement.

Mrs. Nazha Bourquia

Assistant Director of School Business

Dr. Nazha Bourquia is an accomplished professional with a rich background in education and a strong commitment to community service. Dr. Bourquia’s journey in academia began with a profound inspiration rooted in her family's scholarly lineage. This early influence set the stage for her dedication to a career in education.

At CVA, Dr. Nazha Bourquia has not only found a fulfilling career but also achieved a life goal. Combining her love for accounting with her desire to serve the Muslim community and its children aligns perfectly with her vision. For Dr. Bourquia, being at Crescent View Academy is more than a job; it is a way to contribute to the development of the leaders of tomorrow while fulfilling both her professional and personal aspirations.