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Enrollment FAQ

How do I start the enrollment process?

  • If you are a new family interested in the school, you need to complete the online enrollment interest form.  By using this form, you can also request a phone call or tour. If you would like to come to the school and complete the form and schedule a tour of the facility, please call (303) 745-2245 and speak to the Front Office Manager.  Once you complete this form, a representative of CVA will contact you when there is an opening or during the next enrollment window for new students.

What is the enrollment policy?

  • There are three enrollment priorities at CVA:
    • 1st Priority is current students and staff children
    • 2nd Priority is siblings of current students
    • 3rd Priority is new students
  • Students should be the following ages by the following dates:
    • Infants: 6 weeks to 18 Months
    • Toddler: 1 year to 30 Months
    • PKB – 3 & 4 years old by December 2019 (must be potty-trained)
    • PKA – 4 & 5 years old by December 2019
    • KG – 5 years old by December 2019
    • 1st – 6 years old by December 2019 and completed one year of KG
    • 2nd- 6 years old by December 2019 and completed one year of 1st grade
    • 3rd-8th students need to prove they have completed the previous grade in a different school or district.

What does enrollment priority mean?

  • Crescent View Academy will always accept their returning students first.  We allocate a window of time for returning families and staff to re-enroll their children.  Our priorities help us to make decisions in accepting students into our program.  We believe that it is important that we share these priorities so that there are no mixed feelings about why some students get accepted versus other students.

Why is there limited seating?

At Crescent View Academy, we believe in the importance of keeping the student-teacher ratio and classroom size manageable.  Researchers have found that gains in achievement generally occur when class size is reduced to 22 or fewer students.  At CVA, we believe that preschool, elementary, and middle school are pivotal learning years for a child and that keeping students in smaller groups strengthens their opportunity to grow, as well as develop and acquire the academic, social, and spiritual knowledge needed to be successful in post-secondary education.

Educational researchers surmise that class size reduction in the early grades helps students achieve because there is a greater opportunity for individual interaction between students and their teacher in a small class.  Teachers generally have better morale in smaller classrooms and are less likely to be overwhelmed by having a variety of students with different backgrounds and achievement levels.

“Frederick Mosteller notes “Reducing [the size of classes in the early grades] reduces the distractions in the room and gives the teacher more time to devote to each child.”

In the early grades, students are just beginning to learn about the rules of the classroom, and they are discovering if they can cope with the expectations of education. If they have more opportunity to interact with their teacher, they are more apt to feel like they can cope.

Does CVA provide financial hardship or tuition assistance?

Can I transfer from a public school or your school?

  • Yes, you can transfer your child from any public or private school.  However, we do not have services that cater to students with special needs.  If you are unsure about your child’s needs you can schedule an appointment with the Principal and discuss your options.