Mr. Iyad Wazwaz Principal
 2Mr. Iyad Wazwaz is currently the Principal of Crescent View Academy (PK-8th) in Denver Colorado.  He has been a leader in education for over 17 years. Prior to moving to Colorado, Mr. Wazwaz was a teacher and administrator at Granada Islamic School (PK-8th) from 1999-2006.  From 2006-2010 he was a Director of Site Based programs at FAME Public Charter School (KG-12th) in Fremont, California.
As a former classroom teacher, Mr. Wazwaz has a deep appreciation for students’ cognitive and social-emotional development and is eager to support teachers as they collaborate with each other to prepare students for the best high schools and universities.

Mr. Amjad Jabai, School-Community Liaison

Mr. Amjad Jabai is currently the School-Community Liaison of Crescent View Academy (PK-8th) in Aurora, Colorado.  He has been an teacher and leader in education for 20 years. Mr. Jabai has joined CVA since 1998.

He has a strong background in Islamic Studies Education and leadership, dedicated to creating a stable learning environment and inspiring students to do their best.  He has excellent communication and interpersonal skills and is highly motivated and goal oriented.

He has been having many roles and responsibilities such as; assisting school principal in evaluating teachers and staff, preparing Islamic Studies Curriculum and exams, counseling students and meetings with parents for problem resolution, organizing cooperative learning activities and enforcing disciplinary actions.

Mr. Anwar Zuraigat, Business Manager
Mr. Anwar Zuraigat is currently the Business manager at Crescent View Academy (PK-8th) in Denver Colorado. He has been in management for 16 years since emigrating from Jordan in 2002. After managing landscape operations in Manitou Springs, CO in 2003, he was the General Manager for Dark Horse LLC, a company that imported and distributed textiles in North America.  
While a school and a distribution company are different organizations, Anwar Zuraigat has managed the accounts, whether accounts receivable or accounts payable, and kept the organization up-to-date with all that is needed for the operation of the school.

Ms. Mariam Sabr, Director of Student Success 

Ms. Mariam Sabr joined Crescent View Academy as a teacher in 2011. She recently joined the admini
strative team to work closely with the school principal, teaching staff, students, PTO and parents to ensure that each Crescent View Academy student is excelling both academically and socially.
Ms. Sabr is a native of Denver, CO, but has lived for over 20 years in Saudi Arabia, gaining valuable world views and becoming fluent in the Arabic language. She has great rapport with students, which allows her to assist them in working toward great achievement both at Crescent View Academy and in their higher education.

Mrs. Monia Tazi, Front Office Manager 1

Mrs. Monia Tazi has joined CVA as a parent more than 15 years ago.  She has been an active PTO member all along. She was an regular short-term and long -term substitute and a strong supporter of the school. Mrs. Tazi joined the Front Office in 2016.  Mrs. Tazi brings to CVA a background in early childhood education, customer and call center experience.  She is a long time veteran of the schoo!

Mrs. Amber Malik, Front Office Manager 2
Mrs. Amber Malik joined Crescent View Academy in January 2015.  Her strong decision-making skills, customer relations, and communication skills are among many of her skills.  Mrs. Malik brings with her a number of years of experience both in finance and customer service.  She has become a positive and energetic team player.