Graduation Requirements

The following are the requirements for graduation:

Subject Area Required Credits

(1 semester =1/2 credit)

  • English 4.0
  • Mathematics 4.0
  • Science 4.0
  • Social Studies 3.0
  • Foreign Language  3.0
  • Theology and Sociology 4.0
  • Physical Education 1.0 (0.5 credit Health, 0.5 credit PE)
  • Computer/Technology 1.0 
  • Electives 4.0
  • Service Learning 1.0


In order to fulfill students’ graduation requirements in the state of Colorado, all CVA students will take the AP exams in English and Math along with the SAT exam. Students MUST score a “2” or higher on AP exams OR above a “460” for Math and above “430” for English in order to graduate from CVA. In addition, students must take and pass AP US History and AP US Government classes to fulfill the civics education requirement of the State of Colorado.

Colorado High School Course Requirements

What are the course requirements for high school students?

There are no specific courses, or numbers of courses, required by the state’s graduation guidelines, and there are no legislated course requirements other than one course in Civics: “History and civil government of the United States and of the state of Colorado,” pursuant section 22-1-104 (3)(a) C.R.S. Please see an excerpt from the legislation in the “Civics” section below:

Each district sets its graduation requirements based on many factors, including Graduation Guidelines, Colorado Academic Standards in 10 content areas, 21st century skills, and ICAP. Districts have also built their graduation requirements based on higher education standards, competency-based programs, and the skills that are defined by employers and industries.

What is the language for the legislated course in Civics?

Civics is the only course that is legislated for schools in Colorado, pursuant to Colorado statute 22-1-104. Teaching of history, culture, and civil government:

  1. The history and civil government of the state of Colorado shall be taught in all the public schools of this state.
  2. In addition, the history and civil government of the United States, which includes the history, culture, and contributions of minorities, including, but not limited to, the American Indians, the Hispanic Americans, and the African Americans, shall be taught in all the public schools of the state.
  3. (a) Satisfactory completion of a course on the civil government of the United States and the state of Colorado, which includes the subjects described in subsection 92) of this section, shall be a condition of high school graduation in the public schools of the state.