Honors/AP Course Descriptions 

9th Grade


10th Grade


11th Grade


12th Grade


Honors English

Honors English Honors English

AP English

Honors Algebra II Honors Geometry/Trigonometry Honors Pre-Calculus

AP Calculus AB

Honors Biology Honors Chemistry AP Biology

AP Physics 1 or

AP Chemistry

AP Human Geography AP European History AP US Government Elective
Theology/Sociology Theology/Sociology Theology/Sociology Communication
Foreign Language Foreign Language Elective Elective
PE Health Elective Elective

CVA offers all courses with honors designation to every high school student. Honors courses provide preparation for AP exams which will give students a head start in college. Students also earn weighted grades in honors courses due to the accelerated and increased course load.

Honors level coursework indicates that students are performing at a higher level than those who are taking regular courses. The additional coursework and requirements will increase the depth of study and place more emphasis on critical thinking skills. Selection of an honors course will be based on student desire, teacher recommendation, meeting established criteria, as well as availability. Since honors courses are more challenging classes than basic courses, the grades received in the course will be weighted differently. Additionally, there are higher expectations for students to learn independently and be self-motivated. Homework in honors classes will not focus on simple worksheet assignments, rather, honors students are expected to generate their own notes while reading and preparing for class. Assessments comprise more questions that require the student to analyze data, argue a position, apply knowledge to different contexts, and other higher-thinking modes that are beyond mere recall of specific information.


What are Honors Courses?