Community Iftar Sponsorship

Community Iftar Sponsorship:

Ramadan provides an occasion to break your fast with family and friends at the Masjid. At CVA, we want to start a new tradition and offer this service to the community. It is an opportunity to meet the community, meet old friends and make new ones! With Ramadan falling during the school days, we know everyone is extremely busy and community iftars will allow allows community members to enjoy their time and become acquainted with each other. Our goal is to provide a spiritual and a festive atmosphere for the entire community to benefit and enjoy.

Hosting this program is not possible without the support of the community.  It costs $18/day per person for CVA to hold the iftar program which includes food, supplies, security and cleaning.  Details about the program are listed below:


  • Daily iftar Sunday thru Saturday: ~80-90 people

Cost for dinner:

  • $1,500 for daily iftar

How to sponsor:

    • Reserve a slot by signing up online and clicking on the Sponsor link or contacting Br. Anwar Zuraigat at or 510-509-5048.   Sponsor a dinner


  • This is a service provided by the School/Masjid but paid in its entirety by the community
  • We do not use funds donated for other purposes to fund the iftar program

JazakAllahu khayran for your generous donations, sponsorship of the iftar and continued support. For more information, please contact us at