English Middle School Teacher


  1. Prepare for assigned classes by creating age-appropriate English lesson plans that align with the school course curriculum and a standards-based unit plan/scope and sequence; prepare/provide detailed course syllabus to students; utilize integrated education technology tools such students’ information system and adopted curriculum programs to prepare and teach lesson plans;
  2. Meet and instruct assigned classes in the locations and times designated by the teacher schedule distributed by the Principal;
  3. Use a variety of assessment tools both (school assigned and teacher created) such as quizzes, tests, projects and special assignments to evaluate student learning, including formative and summative assessments;
  4. Review assessment data at the departmental level to identify concepts and/or students of concern;
  5. Understand students’ strengths, challenges, and learning styles in order to better assist them with assignments, deadlines and progress;
  6. Engage in various and timely methods of communication with students, parents, and staff including in Arabic; maintain an updated course page and accurate and up-to-date student records; post major assignments/assessments on the Test Calendar; write specific, individual, and constructive comments on report cards/progress reports; complete and log phone calls to parents; and use communication tools like email and the student information system.
  7. Attend various school and school-sponsored events year around including graduation, Back to School Nights, conferences, open houses, extracurricular events, assemblies, community meetings, special events, etc.

Requirements: Bachelor’s Degree in Education or English (US Degree Only); Fluent in Arabic

Contact: Send Resume to Mr. Iyad Wazwaz by mail or email: principal@crescentview.org