Middle School Behavior Policies and Expectations

Middle School

Behavior Policies and Expectations

  1. Have all appropriate materials and supplies at your table and be seated as soon as you enter the classroom.
  2. Respect the people, equipment, and furnishings of each classroom.
  3. Adjust your voice level to suit the activity.
  4. Follow directions the first time they are given.
  5. Observe all rules in the student handbook.


1st time:  Verbal warning

2nd time: Documentation of incident

3rd time: Self-correction and action plan, parent signature with GPA documentation.

4th time: Thursday detention with GPA documentation.*

5th time: Referral to administration with GPA documentation.

*Parents will be notified via phone call no later than Wednesday for any detention on Thursday of the same week.

Students will also be sent to the principal for the following infractions:

  • Physical or verbal abuse
  • Disrespect in the form of consistent arguing, discourteous comments, gestures, or rudeness, etc.
  • Interfering with classroom management
  • Excessive tardiness