Current Student Re-Enrollment

Re-Enrollment Packages were mailed home the week of March 5th.  If you did not recieve a Re-Enrollment Packet, contact the front office manager at or (303)745-2245 ext. 102.

The Re-Enrollment Window for returning students is: March 12- 23

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Re-Enrollment Process:

1.  Verify information on Student Summary Sheet

2. Complete Student Health Form

3. Complete Parent-Volunteer Form

4. Complete Financial Agreement

5. Submit registration fee (non-refundable)

  • KG-8th ($250.00)
  • Nursery, Toddler, PK3, PK4 ($300.00)

6. Complete Automatic Payment Authorization Form


SPECIAL NOTE: Please pay particular attention to the Financial Tuition Agreement for 2018-2019 and take into consideration that there is a 4% increase in our annual tuition fees.  The re-enrollment process requires you to pay the registration fee at enrollment time. This year the first month’s tuition will be due by June 3, 2018, however, a post-dated check or automatic payment form is due at the time of enrollment.

Again, we are more than honored by your continued interest in our school program. We ask Allah (SWT) to make the upcoming year a success for our school community at large.

For more information regarding re-enrollment, please contact Sr. Amber Malik at or (303)745-2245 ext. 102.

The attached forms are copies of the Re-Enrollment Information mailed home (Student Summary Sheets can only be obtained from the Administration).