Middle School Grading Policies and Expectations

Middle School

Grading policies and expectations

                        Homework: 25%                Tests/Quizzes: 30%

                        Classwork: 20%                  Projects: 25%

  1. Grades: The teacher does not give grades – you earn them.  Simply attending class and doing assignments does not guarantee an A; rather, you are expected to participate and produce quality work.  Average work will result in average grades.  Your learning is your responsibility, and you will get from classes whatever you put into them.
  2. Class participation and conduct:  We expect behaviors and attitudes that demonstrate your respect for yourself, for others, and for your teachers. Classwork is worth 20% of your overall grade, which includes 5% participation. Your active engagement in class is an important part of learning, so please come to class prepared and ready to engage in activities and discussions.  A lack of participation will negatively impact your grade.
  3. Late work:  Any assignment not turned in on the date due will be considered late.  A late assignment will automatically lose 5% for each calendar day past the date due, therefore, an assignment that is 10 days late will be marked down by 50%. After 2 weeks, you will receive a 25% for any work turned in. We consider it unacceptable to wait until the last days of the quarter to complete all missing work; please note that this work will not receive higher than a grade of 25%.
  4. Incomplete assignments: All work that is assigned MUST be completed. If the quarter ends, and you still have not turned in the assignment, you will receive an incomplete for the class and need to repeat it.
  5. Absences: Students who are absent are responsible for obtaining and making up their assignments. They will have 2 days to make up the assignments for each day absent (4 days absent = 8 days to make up). Students who travel prior to May 16th will not be given accommodations and will only receive a 25% for finals and other work not turned in.
  6. Homework pass: Students will receive 1 late homework pass per quarter that they can use for regular homework or classwork they were unable to complete on time (not for projects or tests).
  7. Extra credit: Extra credit projects will only be given to students in need of minimal assistance.
  8. Plagiarism and academic dishonesty will absolutely not be tolerated.


PDF Version: Middle school grading expectations