Early Childhood Education (ECE)

Islam enjoins learning from the cradle to the grave. As an Islamic school, CVA strives to fulfill this command. CVA’s purpose is rooted in the belief that every student has the right to the best quality of education available, and that education is a process which encompasses all experiences students encounter in their school. CVA’s philosophy is also entrenched in the belief that classroom instruction is only one small aspect of a student’s educational experience, and that students learn from the behavior and actions of the adults around them more than they learn from books. Finally, it is rooted in the belief that students’ knowledge and pride in their religion and heritage are essential to their well-being and success.

At Crescent View Academy we offer a full-time Early Childhood Care Facility which includes:

  1. Nursery Room (6-weeks – 18 months)  Limit Capacity: 5
  2. Toddler Room (18 months -30 months) Limit Capacity: 10
  3. Pre-School (30 months – 48 months) Limit Capacity: 20 [MUST BE POTTY-TRAINED]
  4. Pre-Kindergarten (48 month – 60 months).  Limit Capacity: 24 [MUST BE POTTY-TRAINED]

To enroll please visit our admissions page.