Uniform Policy

Crescent View Academy students are all required to be in uniform, on all school days, unless a letter has been sent home with permission to attend school out of uniform for a special event.  Students who are not in correct uniform will receive a warning note for each violation of uniform.

  • Students are expected to be in Uniform at all times unless otherwise directed by school administration
  • Students are not allowed to wear heels or sandals of any kind. This includes and is not limited to heelies/wheelies and strapped sandals.
  • Uniform shirts, pants and abayas should have no pictures, designs or commercial products printed, embroidered or sewn on the material, other than what is provided by the school as part of the uniform.
  • Uniforms should always be clean and well maintained.
  • Only Skull Caps and Hijabs are permissible to be worn on the students head.
  • Ankle pants are not permissible.

Uniform Vendors Websites:

www.frenchtoast.com              SCHOOL CODE: QS5XNUE

www.alhannah.com                  Khaki Abaya


 CVA Uniform Girl's Complete 5th-8th CVA Uniform Girl's Complete Pk-4th CVA Uniform Boy's CompleteUniform Description