CVA Wins State Knowledge Bowl Championship. Takbeer!

After a grueling two-day tournament March 15th and 16th, the Crescent View Academy high school Knowledge Bowl team prevailed winning the 2021 state championship in the final round of competition in the 1A division. The CVA championship team is coached by CVA social studies teacher Devon Lyons, and consists of students Raseel Zmily, Imane Benabbas, Murriam Ahmed, and Mohamed Bathhef.

The Knowledge Bowl is an academic competition in Colorado. Think Jeopardy, but you are asked the question and can “buzz in” whenever you think you know the answer. Questions are taken from any academic subject matter you might study in high school. In the Knowledge Bowl, teams of same division play each other until the final round where the top 3 teams from each play one another for the state championship. Normally, this is done in person with the teams competing in designated rooms, but the COVID-19 pandemic altered the format of play this year. Teams competed using Discord with coaches monitoring their students in-person and/or online.

After a slow start on day one, CVA was able to climb the standings through the last 5 rounds to finish the day in 3rd place overall with 50 points. Karval lead division 1A with 62 points followed by Hi-Plains with 57. On day two, the team was able to keep up their strong play and eventually closed the gap between the competition. Then they had a chance to win.

Heading into the final round, Karval lead with 112 points to Hi-Plains’ and CVA’s 107. Within the first 20 questions, Karval’s lead disappeared, and all teams were tied at 114. During the second half of the round, Hi-Plains and CVA pulled away from Karval trading 1st place position several times with each other. CVA was eventually able to gain a small 2-point lead. On question 33 of 35, Hi-Plains benefited from a 50-50 question where the topic was supreme court justices. The question began, “In September of 2020, what historic…” CVA buzzed in to answer, “Amy Coney Barret”, which was not where the question was headed, and Hi-Plains correctly answered, “Ruth Bader Ginsburg.” Heading into the final question, CVA lead by 1 point. Neither team was able to get the correct answer to that last question resulting in a final score of 120 for Crescent View, 119 for Hi-Plains, and 114 for Karval.

Our CVA team started competing in the Knowledge Bowl last year but was unable to qualify for the state competition with a group of freshmen and sophomores. Another year of academic seasoning, and frequent practices got them to the point where they could compete in the state tournament! We look forward to our returning champions competing again next year.